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Top 10 Temples of Udaipur

Ranakpur temple Udaipur

Temples are invariably found and revered in every part of the towns and every villages of India. Rajasthan is known for some ancient, historically important and most respectful temples of the country. The city of Udaipur is famous for royal grandeur, beautiful lakes and clean environment. Nonetheless, it is the …

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Top 10 Temples of Jaipur

Birla Mandir Jaipur

In the city of Jaipur, the temples are as much attractive as the city itself. Most of the temples in Jaipur have been built by the erstwhile rulers of the city and as such bear a strong resemblancae with the monuments that constitute the pride of Jaipur. A number of temples have been …

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Top 10 Gurdwara in Delhi

A gurdwara is the place of worship for Sikhs. People from all faiths, and those who do not profess any faith, are welcomed in Sikh gurdwaras. Each gurdwara has a Darbar Sahib where the current and everlasting Guru of the Sikhs, the holy scripture Guru Granth Sahib is placed on a Takhat …

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Top 10 Temples in Delhi

ISKCON Temple Delhi

The capital city of New Delhi and walled city of Delhi is fortunate that a number of beautiful, revered and icons of architecture pieces in the form of temples are located here. People from the near and distant places visit to pay their devotion to the different deities and Goddesses. …

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Birla Mandir or Laxminarayan Temple of Delhi

Birla Mandir Delhi

Spread over 7.5 acres, in the heart of the city, the Laxminarayan or Birla Mandir of Delhi is adorned with many shrines, fountains, a large garden, and also houses Geeta Bhawan for discourses. The temple is one of the major attractions of the city of Delhi and attracts thousands of …

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Akshardham Temple or Swaminarayan Mandir of Delhi

Swaminarayan Akshardham Mandir of Delhi)

According to Swaminarayan Hinduism, the word Akshardham means the abode of God and believed by followers as a temporal home of God on earth. Opened on 6th of November 2005 by the them President of India Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, it is located near the banks of the Yamuna river in eastern New Delhi. …

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Lotus Temple at Delhi

Lotus Temple Delhi

Located in New Delhi, India, Lotus Temple is a Bahá’í House of Worship. Constructed in 1986, the Lotus Temple is known for its flower shape.  The Lotus Temple has won numerous architectural awards and been featured in various newspaper and magazine articles. Like all Bahá’í Houses of Worship, the Lotus Temple is …

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Jama Masjid of Delhi

Jama Masjid of Delhi

Built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan and inaugurated by an Imam from Bukhara, present-day Uzbekistan, the Jama Masjid is a unique and most revered mosque of the country. Completed in 1656 AD, it has four towers and two 40 m high minarets constructed of red sandstone and white marble. The …

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Prem Mandir Vrindavan

Prem Mandir, Vrindavan

Prem mandir, which is also known as the temple of divine love is the icon of modernism of the spiritualism and temple cult of Hinduism. Situated in the holy city of Vrindavan, the temple is known for its grandiose architecture, design and spiritualism propagated by Sant Kripalu ji Maharaj. History …

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ISKCON Temple Vrindavan

ISKCON Vrindavan

Sri Krishna-Balaram Mandir is representative of a Gaudiya Vaishnava temple in the  city of Vrindavan. It is one of the main ISKCON temples in India established by the devotees of the sect. The deities of the ISKCON teple of Vrindavan are Krishna and Balarama, at the central altar. On the right …

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