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Shopping in Agra Markets

Agra is a major tourist destination of India due to three UNESCO Heritage Monuments–Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri. To cater to the needs of tourists and local customers, Agra has plenty of shopping arcades, malls and exclusive stores in different locations of the city.

Sadar Bazar Market

It is basically meant for tourists, elite customers but a certain pockets in the market also cater to the common customers. Showroom of leather products and accessories like shoes, sandals, chappals as well as purse, belts and other gears are also available in different brands stores.

Sadar Bazar is a shoppers paradise, but it is also known for street food. Potato chaat, spicy snacks, golgapps are available after every afternoon to late night. Some stalls also offer ice cream, kulfis and south indian cuisines. The location of the market and its clean image helps to the shopkeepers. It is maintained by cantonment board thats why it is easy to enforce rules and regulations in military area.

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The market usually opens at 11.00 AM and remain open till 10.00 PM. In the evenings crowd begins to swell there.  Tuesday is weekly off day for Sadar Market.

Raja-ki-Mandi Market

If you are looking for inexpensive designer dresses, wares for homes, sweets and even leather items like shoes, belts and purses, there is no other market than Raja-ki-mandi. If you are a good bargainer, you can further extract discounts on discounted rates there.

Raja ki mandi market of agra
Raja ki mandi market of Agra (Pic: www.cityseeker.com)

Sanjay Place Market

Developed as a commercial hub in the centre of the city, Sanjay Place market is primarily a wholeseller market, but you can get lot of retail shops of electronic goods, furniture, decorative items, computers and mobiles etc. Corporate offices of big companies and financial institutions like LIC are also located here. A number of good eating joints can be found in the market.

Shah Market

Developed as an exclusive market for mobile phones and accessories, along with their repair centres, it is always a busy place with surging crowds.

Malls of Agra

the people of Agra has not appreciated the culture of supermarkets and mega malls. That is why few malls are in operation in the city and hardly able to sustain themselves. Sarv Omaxe mall on the NH-2 Highway and TDS malls at Taj Ganj are the operational malls where showrooms get scanty customers. Still, they are operating because of operating multiplexes inside the premises.

Big Bazar, Easy Day and Spencer outlets are operational in different localities of the city.

Patanjali products are available in recently opened super mega stores of the company in different parts of the city.

Best Price, a subsidary of Wal Mart of US is operational in the city with two mega stores– at Sikandara and Kuberpur for the wholesellers at a discounted price. No retail selling is permitted in the stores.

Kalakriti and other Emporiums

Since Agra is a major tourist destination, people buy a handsome number of souvenirs of marbles, petha sweets and other wares. Kalakriti is a big name of products developed by the artisans. It displays them and helps to get customers from different part of the world. Similarly, a number of other emporiums are also operation in Taj Ganj, around Taj Mahal area as well as on MG Road in Agra.

Kalakriti Emporium and auditorium at agra
Kalakriti Emporium and auditorium at agra (Pic: Kalakriti Emporium)

The Emporium also has a cultural wings. A regular live show “Mohabbaten– The Taj” is almost performed daily. It offers a first-hand account of the making of Taj.

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